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So many people encouraged me to write a book.

So I DID. Here's my story.



Death Followed Me.

It’s a damn good thing I joined the Air Force and not the Navy. In the Navy they teach you to tie proper knots. The knot I tied around my neck didn’t hold when I stepped off the ladder. Suicide? Knot Today. For the first time in years, as I lay on the cold concrete of that garage, I was glad to be alive.

My twenty-one years of military service included horrific, devastating events. I lost friends, one decapitated, his flesh covering my uniform, my face. I had seen soldiers burn to death before my eyes; the aroma stays with you forever. So many lives lost before their time. No one realized how these incidents, combined with years of childhood sexual abuse, had affected me. Deeply, thoroughly. For decades I never said a word. I’m good, I told everyone, but I was not. 

I saw my predator in our small town two decades later, and I knew if was time to come forward and tell the truth, the whole truth. I simply had to start using my voice, telling my story, for the good of others. It’s a story of the prevailing human spirit, and I hope it will help others speak out. Because needing help is not a weakness, it makes you human. Everybody has a story. 

Air Force Veteran Scott W.F. Aubin has seen incidents and had experiences that most of us never will, none of us ever want to see. He has learned from his PTSD, the hard way, and is now a Suicide Prevention Instructor nationwide, traveling with Dash, his Great Dane Service Dog. His story is compelling, his spirit unconquerable. This Veteran is still serving our country. He tried to take his own life, those of us lucky enough to know him are grateful that it was Knot Today. 

My Biography is a tough, truthful account of my life. Want to know more?

 I appreciate your interest in my past and my present.  I wrote this PTSD Biography to reach people who may not be able to speak out on their own, one of my goals is Suicide Prevention.  My contact information, including my phone number, is in the back of each copy of Knot Today.